My latest showreel. Chiefly considering myself a writer, I wished it to highlight my ability to create striking and imaginative visuals, unique situations, concepts and dialogue, as well as displaying impressive camerawork and production values. All the films featured are viewable on my website.


Career Plan 2016-2017

At the beginning of the year, I found myself in a much securer position than at the beginning of the previous year and with a clear objective for the year to come of prioritising the development of my own work over critiquing other people’s.

My main focus has been The Darning Needle, a 3x45min drama that I’ve submitted to the Wales Drama Award. It’s my best and most substantial work to date and the first full-length piece I’ve been satisfied with (although a writer is never truly satisfied and I’ll go back to it if required). I’m eagerly awaiting the results of the Wales Drama Award, and preparing other work to present to the judges if I’m successful, including an outline for another full-length piece and a Doctor Who episode! At some point after the results, I should be able to share some extracts from The Darning Needle and these other pieces. I’m hopeful for success, but failing any, I’ll have another chance to submit The Darning Needle to the BBC via their Script Room in December.

I’ve also been seeking success with writing in the short form. Last September, I set myself the target of writing three short films by January with an eye to film the most suitable as an eligible contender for competitions and festivals throughout the year. The first I finished was Nice Guy. I felt this was least suitable as it wasn’t up to the standard of the other two and its critique of internet culture would require the potentially long and costly development of a fake social network to avoid copyright. The second, Total Investigation Television, was the script I chose to film. It still provided a critique of internet culture but was far more easily realised; being shot in the style of the social experiment films it satirised. I was happy with its realisation, its production led to connections with some brilliant actors and organisations that I hope to work with again, and it’s also received some recognition! It’s due to be shown at Made in Roath Arts Festival on October 15th, and was nominated for Best Fiction at Cardiff Mini Film Festival 2016, but failed to win. The final script I wrote, and possibly the best of the three, was A Love Story at Lin’s Kitchen. I decided not to film it immediately as I wanted to submit it to a couple of competitions that offered the prize of having it produced by professionals. Sadly, like Total Investigation Television, it was not successful. I feel on all these occasions, I missed out due to my entries incompatibility with the criteria, so next year I’ll be preparing more suitable applicants.

A further unexpected achievement came through our nomination at Cardiff Mini Film Festival. During the networking after-party, I introduced myself to the award hosts, Boyd Clack and Kirsten Jones, and asked them if they’d be interested in starring in A Love Story at Lin’s Kitchen; now retitled, Bamboo House. They loved the script and agreed. Shooting commenced yesterday, and you can keep up to date by watching our video diary. Being my first film to feature professional actors, Bamboo House provides me with a great opportunity, as this will not only enhance the production but potentially draw greater attention to my work than ever before. It will be made public on YouTube in November and submitted to competitions and festivals thereafter; including those we missed deadlines for last year – Cardiff Independent Film Festival – and others that Total Investigation Television was not suitable for due to its limited visual scope. With professional actors onboard, impressive locations secured, and greater opportunity for sophisticated cinematography, Bamboo House should be my greatest production yet!

As well as instigating my own projects, I’ve played significant roles in other people’s. I helped out first-year film students at Cardiff and the Vale College, acting in one of their shorts. I also helped third year scriptwriting students at the University of South Wales, assisting at script development classes. It was here I met James Humphreys, a fruitful connection as I went on to perform in a live reading of his script, Ringland, and was later asked to act at and script edit his first ScriptDawg event, and time permitting I’ll be taking part in all future events. I’ve also been told by senior scriptwriting lecturer, Sian Summers, that she’ll inform me of any further opportunities to assist at the university, which I’m very hopeful to do as I feel my tutoring/script editing ability has been put to good use. Another project where these skills have been utilised is YouTube sitcom series, How Not To Be Single, created by James Musgrove. I helped James develop the script for episode one, taking an advisory position, and then went on to co-direct and film it. Episode two I wrote myself, working from a brief from James, and again I’ve been co-directing and filming. It will be released later this month, and we’re confident it will top episode one! With this huge increase in filming, I hope to produce a showreel very soon or even multiple ones, focusing individually on my acting, camerawork, and writing!

Despite all my filming and scriptwriting work, I’ve still found time for reviews and analyses of film and television. These include E.T., the Star Wars saga, all the X-Men universe films, Ghostbusters 2016, and the classic Doctor Who serial, The Ark. I was particularly proud of my X-Men and Doctor Who posts. The X-Men posts perfected the more light-hearted yet informative blogging style I’ve been trying to move towards after writing formal university essays for years. Next year sees the release of Spiderman: Homecoming, and I’d like to review the Spiderman franchise in a similar style, as well as the new Wolverine film so I can maintain my complete record. I was pleased to be able to debunk the negative and unfair fan opinion of The Ark, and I’m still hoping to produce many more Doctor Who posts in future. Critiquing at least one story from each Doctor is my next target, as well as an overview of all the Dalek stories with an accompanying video ranking my best to worst! I also plan to post about Star Wars: Rogue One this Christmas and Trainspotting and its sequel upon its release.

I’ve exceeded my objective as this has been by far my most productive year. I’ve produced my best work, made great connections and received recognition for my efforts. I feel my ability is still progressing at a rapid pace and I’m more focused and confident than ever. I’ve achieved more than I could’ve hoped for, but I feel now that I’m in such a strong position, next year will reap even greater rewards. Big success is just around the corner!

Career Plan 2015-2016

Creatively speaking, it was a slow start to the year, as after completing my Scriptwriting MA, I found myself between homes and between jobs. The latter half of the year proved far more advantageous, and I have now set up my own freelance film company, Outré Media, and I’m saving to buy my own house. Through the company, I have managed to secure a long-term contract with Vegalive Wheatgrass as their Media-Specialist. I will be documenting the progression of Vegalive, as well as producing regular video adverts, and getting paid!

This past year saw me concentrate far more on critiquing other people’s work than developing my own. This is something I will be rectifying in the following year by dedicating three weeks out of each month to my own work and one to other posts. Although I feel I perhaps should’ve concentrated far more on my own work, I’m very proud of the posts I have written on other people’s and believe I learnt a lot from dissecting their themes; insights that will help me develop my own work. As a dedicated fan, it has been hugely satisfying to put into words some longstanding thoughts on Doctor Who serials; expect many more Doctor Who posts in future. I have critiqued all Neill Blomkamp‘s films, including Elysium (dir. Blomkamp, 2013), for which I used a more comical style. This was part of an endeavour to move away from the more formal style of university essays to a more fun and accessible blogging style; this has provided my posts with variety and popular appeal. In terms of popularity, my most successful series of posts were on the Mad Max franchise. Again, it was satisfying to put into words my thoughts on the inner complexities of these films, as I’ve always felt it is a franchise that’s subtext and depth has been ignored in favour of its action movie exterior. My Mad Max posts have generated consistent views; with my viewing figures and visitors multiplying exponentially. This success is not just down to the quality of the posts but to my use of Tumblr (on which I’ve generated many followers) as a less serious and more commercial platform for my work, and my timing the posts to coincide with the release of the franchise’s latest instalment, Mad Max: Fury Road (dir. Miller, 2015). This is a tactic I intend to use again, so expect Star Wars, Quentin Tarantino, X-Men, and Ghostbusters posts in the year to come. Also, expect some vlogging, as in December I will be moving to a new home, with room for a professional looking studio setup, and I feel vlogging will further widen the appeal of the website.

The Darning Needle was the primary focus of my scriptwriting this year. I totally rewrote the treatment and have completed multiple drafts of the script. The treatment will be updated again shortly, and I’m continuing with further drafts of the script. I may also film a short segment – depending on feasibility and budgetary constraints – to act as a promotion for the script. I’m very happy with its progress; it is by far my best work, and I feel my scriptwriting ability is developing at a rapid pace. I have refined the premises of Panda Girl and The Outsider and written notes to aid in the rewriting of their treatments and development of their scripts. I have premises for other feature films, but before developing them, I wish to focus on developing some audio plays, short films, and treatments for Doctor Who episodes. As well as my audio play Bottle, I have premises for other audio plays and short films that I plan to develop, film and record. It has been two years since I filmed or recorded one of my scripts, and as my writing has developed considerably in that time, I feel new audio and visual examples of my work are needed. Doctor Who remains my obsession, and my dream is to write for the show, so I feel it’s about time I started developing some ideas.

Now I’ve found myself in a much securer position than at the beginning of last year, I’m sure this year will be even more productive and I can continue producing popular posts – allowing the site to grow in popularity – and carry on with my main objective of building and perfecting my slate.

Career Plan 2014-2015

This will likely be my last post before my Scriptwriting MA ends, so I’ve chosen to consider my plans for the future. My first step is going to be building an impressive slate, with a wide selection of scripts for each medium, focusing on commercial appeal while still maintaining my integrity.

I currently have two completed feature film scripts; The Outsider, which I wrote in the final year of my degree, and Panda Girl, which I wrote for my MA. I believe The Outsider has a very commercial concept, featuring a protagonist who’s governed by the morals of his favourite TV hero, but it requires major rewrites, which I will be working on. I’m pleased with the way Panda Girl has developed, and believe it has commercial appeal as a coming of age drama; a popular genre within British film that has seen success with the likes of This is England (dir. Meadows, 2006), Son of Rambo (dir. Jennings, 2007), and Submarine (dir, Ayoade, 2010). I have a couple of other ‘coming of age’ dramas in development, including my treatment for The Darning Needle. I believe The Darning Needle could find commercial appeal as part of a season of TV adaptations of fairy tales set in the modern day, in a similar vein to ITV’s series of Shakespeare adaptations, and I’ll be promoting it as such. I also have premises for a film that subverts the vampire genre, and a high concept slasher film, both popular genres at present. I also intend to produce a ten-minute short film using the slasher film concept, as a promotion for the feature film script. All these film ideas I believe could also be sold as TV dramas.

Being a huge Doctor Who fan, I will be working on developing script premises with the intention of submitting them to the TV show, and radio scripts for the Big Finish produced audio-dramas. Bottle is my only completed radio script, but I’m working on developing two more premises that could only be told through the medium of radio. I will be submitting my scripts to the BBC Writersroom, and searching for competitions and other submission opportunities via the Internet.

I have, as yet, never written for theatre, but plan on rectifying this immediately. I have been inspired by my classmate, Kayleigh Edwards, to put on my own theatre production, after witnessing the success of her play, Kill ’em in the Brain. I see this as a relatively cheap way to get my work noticed. I have also joined two theatre groups, with the intention of learning more about the medium.

I will be continuing with my blog, keeping people up to date with how my plans are developing.