My latest showreel. Chiefly considering myself a writer, I wished it to highlight my ability to create striking and imaginative visuals, unique situations, concepts and dialogue, as well as displaying impressive camerawork and production values. All the films featured are viewable on my website.


My First TV Interview

My first TV interview, on Made in Cardiff’s The Crunch, discussing my award-winning films and filmmaking in general. Overall it was a good experience, that’ll hopefully prepare me for many more future TV appearances. The sound was out of sync on the clip from Bob, but it was still an excellent opportunity to promote my work, and I didn’t stumble over my words too much. More details on much of what I discuss, including my aspirations and my films and their development, can be found in the Films and CV and Contact categories and by exploring the rest of my website!


When setting myself the task of writing multiple films for Cardiff Mini Film Festival, I formulated many of my ideas, not by thinking of a social issue I’d like to tackle or a theme I’d like to convey, as has often been my method in the past, but by picturing a striking image and then forming the plot and the theme around that. It’s a method I plan to employ regularly from now on as it produced great results; showing memorable imagery is equally as important to a film’s success as meaningful substance. Bob (script) was one such film for which I used this method. Another was Goldfish, which originated from the image of a man staring into a goldfish bowl. The image Bob originated from was that of a grown man on a park bench, holding a red balloon. Once I had this image, it led to questions such as why would a grown man carry a balloon, and what could this symbolise? The themes of insecurity,  benevolence, and release developed from this.


Bob carries his red balloon everywhere he goes, even though it prevents him joining in and causes him to be teased. But is it the balloon he needs to let go of, or something else?

Additional: Since my original post, Bob has been selected for the Oniros Film Awards and won Short Film Sharer’s film of the month!

CV and Contact Information


Mob: Available Upon Request


Personal Statement

I am highly driven, with an insatiable desire for work and creativity that has produced a wealth of essays, films, scripts, and other creative projects. I take constant inspiration from life and possess a strong determination to produce truly inspiring, original work of the highest quality, with the aim of provoking thought and discussion on social issues.

Work Experience

I have a huge amount of film production and writing experience. I specialise in directing, producing, and scriptwriting, having taken on these duties for the majority of all my university and independent projects. Through this, I have gained considerable organisational and managerial skills and developed a strong initiative. I’m constantly seeking to better myself, regularly posting on my website and always working on my next project.

My company Outré Media has brought me work as a document editor, proofreader, scriptwriter, and videographer. I’m employed as a tutor, teaching English, Film Studies, and Scriptwriting. I’m the script-editor for the web series Long Shots. And from 2010-2013, I was a trusted employee at Innovate Trust, assisting in the running of a cafe and training individuals with learning difficulties to operate successfully in the work environment.

Key Skills   

I possess a diverse range of skills, used in my employment and on varied projects such as documentaries, theatrical events, and films and radio dramas of varying genres.

  • Acting
  • Directing
  • Document editing/proofreading/writing
  • Event hosting and organising
  • Extensive use of Adobe Premiere Pro editing software
  • Extensive use of Canon DSLR cameras
  • Film and script analysis, blogging, and reviewing
  • Producing
  • Scriptwriting, adaptation, and script-editing
  • Tutoring


  • 2009-2010 Coleg Glan Hafren, Cardiff. A-Level Film Studies – Grade ‘A’
  • 2010-2013 University of Glamorgan. Film & Video Degree – Grade ‘First Class’
  • 2013-2014 University of Glamorgan. Scriptwriting MA – Grade ‘Merit’

Filmography [Selected Credits – Writer & Director of All] – Viewable on My Website

Unproduced Scripts [Selected Credits] – Available on My Website or Upon Request

  • Bottle (Radio Short)
  • Nice Guy (Short Film)
  • Toast (Short Film)
  • The Darning Needle (both TV – 3×45 Min Episodes – and Feature Length versions)


My website offers a unique insight into my creative process, with a focus on my career ambitions and work ethic. It contains a number of my essays, films and scripts.

References on Request

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