Career Plan 2014-2015

This will likely be my last post before my Scriptwriting MA ends, so I’ve chosen to consider my plans for the future. My first step is going to be building an impressive slate, with a wide selection of scripts for each medium, focusing on commercial appeal while still maintaining my integrity.

I currently have two completed feature film scripts; The Outsider, which I wrote in the final year of my degree, and Panda Girl, which I wrote for my MA. I believe The Outsider has a very commercial concept, featuring a protagonist who’s governed by the morals of his favourite TV hero, but it requires major rewrites, which I will be working on. I’m pleased with the way Panda Girl has developed, and believe it has commercial appeal as a coming of age drama; a popular genre within British film that has seen success with the likes of This is England (dir. Meadows, 2006), Son of Rambo (dir. Jennings, 2007), and Submarine (dir. Ayoade, 2010). I have a couple of other coming of age dramas in development, including my treatment for The Darning Needle. I believe The Darning Needle could find commercial appeal as part of a season of TV adaptations of fairy tales set in the modern day, in a similar vein to ITV’s series of Shakespeare adaptations, and I’ll be promoting it as such. I also have premises for a film that subverts the vampire genre and a high concept slasher film: both popular genres at present. I intend to produce a ten-minute short film using the slasher film concept, as a promotion for the feature film script. All these film ideas I believe could also be sold as TV dramas.

Being a huge Doctor Who fan, I will be working on developing script premises with the intention of submitting them to the TV show, and radio scripts for the Big Finish produced audio dramas. Bottle is my only completed radio script, but I’m working on developing two more premises that could only be told through the medium of radio. I will be submitting my scripts to the BBC Writersroom, and searching for competitions and other submission opportunities via the Internet.

I have, as yet, never written for theatre, but plan on rectifying this immediately. I have been inspired by my classmate, Kayleigh Edwards, to put on my own theatre production, after witnessing the success of her play, Kill ‘Em in the Brain. I see this as a relatively cheap way to get my work noticed. I have also joined two theatre groups, with the intention of learning more about the medium. I will also be continuing with my blog, keeping people up to date with how my plans are developing.



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