Doctor Who

Doctor Who is my biggest ‘on-screen’ inspiration. As a child, I was an ardent viewer of science fiction television, being thrilled by the idea of exploring the bizarre and unexplained. I remain a fan, but while my enthusiasm for other shows has dwindled, my love for Doctor Who has flourished. Star Trek’s premise of a crew of identically dressed cosmonauts, exploring the universe in their heavily armed ship, assimilating other species into their federation to adopt the same way of living and thinking, has understandably lost its appeal to me over time. While Doctor Who’s premise of a rebellious, extravagantly dressed outsider, who fled the conformism of his society to explore the galaxy and combat corrupt regimes, remains infinitely appealing.

Elements of the show have greatly influenced my work. Stories such as The Evil of the Daleks, in which the Doctor incites a group of Daleks to rebel against their conformist regime, preaching the lesson, ‘question everything and think for yourself’. And characters such as Ace, a rebellious outsider, who the Doctor helps to come of age. And its focus on ethics has undoubtedly inspired my desire to promote moral messages. I plan to evaluate stories from every era of the show. 


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